Why go with Gotcha Covered and 3M Scotchguard™ Paint Protection Film?

With profits diminishing in this era of reduced sales volumes and competitive pricing, dealers are looking for ways to increase profits and add value to new and used cars. Many dealers find that paint protection film is valued by car buyers and adds to the bottom line.


This clear film replaces bulky vinyl bras and plastic deflectors and helps to keep hoods, bumpers, door posts, fenders, and mirror backs looking new longer. Even those leasing a new car find value in Paint Protection Film because the appearance of the vehicle is better preserved, thus reducing the potential for assessed penalties at the end of the lease term.


3M Paint Protection Film is a great revenue enhancer that can generate between $300 to $500 in gross profit per car. Paint Protection Film can add $125,000 to the bottom line of a car dealership that sells 250 cars per year.


In addition, Paint Protection Film can also enhance your CSI ratings. Post-sale rock chips are major complaints among new car buyers, thus driving down a dealership’s CSI. PPF will minimize these complaints.

"We have the typical road hazard problems of winter-time salt and gravel on our streets, as well as bug stains and acids in the summer months. Our Customers are pleased with the performance of the film, and they must be telling their friends, because owners of other makes of new and used cars are coming into our dealership and asking what kind of film it is."

- Ray Tucker, Dodge of New York

"For my customers to see the 3M Paint Protection Film firsthand, I had it installed on the fleet of loaner cars. Twenty percent of my customers have come back to ask about the film and eventually had it installed on their cars."

- Brian Ward, BMW of Connecticut

- At the point of the sale, Paint Protection Film will add an additional $300 to   $500 profit per car, and an additional $125,000* gross profit yearly.

- Keeps hoods, bumpers, door posts, fenders and mirrors look new longer,    ideal for dealer loaner fleet cars.

- Enhances CSI Survey by eliminating post-sale rock chips.

- Reduces assessed penalties for those leasing a car.

- Pre-made marketing material for each automobile manufacture.

* Numbers based off of sale of 250 cars a year

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