All-New Hustler 25 Talon With Outboards

At the 2016 Progressive Miami International Boat Show, Hustler unveiled a 25 Talon with twin outboards. The boat is complete with a seating area in the back of the boat, allowing people to get out of the elements when the boat is floating. This particular boat is powered with Twin Mercury Racing Optimax 300XS. The boat is also been completed with a black gel-coat bottom. See the pictures of the boat in the booth!

2 Responses

  1. What type of performance numbers are you seeing with this set up? Did you sell this boat yet? Chris
    • Good Morning Chris, As of right now, we haven't fully tested the boat as the weather has not been cooperating. But when we did run it, we got 85 MPH at 5,000 RPM. This boat is still available if you are interested, give us a call. Paul VP of Marketing & Sales Hustler Powerboats

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